Reach personal and professioal goals together

I am grateful for the ministry and work of Dr. Valerie Landfair. Dr. Landfair combines academic and intellectual insight with pastoral sensitivity. She provides the type of coaching and leadership development that is essential for these challenging times. Dr. Landfair offers theological and spiritual depth combined with an educational expertise that has personally benefited my ministry.

Rev. Dr. Soong-Chan Rah | Robert Munger Professor of Evangelism, Author of The Next Evangelicalism and Prophetic Lament

Meet Dr. Valerie Landfair

Dr. Valerie maintains over 25 years of experience working with people to courageously seek to live out wholeness, well-being, and peace. Her mission is to offer the best coaching experience by incorporating the clients’ preferences, needs, motivational levels, and spiritual beliefs at both personal and professional levels.


The Vision

I created VRL Integrative Coaching because I have been in spaces and communities that only saw and heard the pieces of me vital to their success — not my success, growth, or wholeness. There is an empowering agency when all of who you are -is seen and heard. The strategies, tools, and exercises are designed to support, encourage, and challenge a holistic approach that considers your mind, body, spirit, and community. I have clients seeking new career opportunities, others who are discerning their next steps, and still, others encountering faith or physical challenges (and everyone in between). I have good news for you if you face challenges, let’s reach these personal and professional goals together.